CBC Radio One – “Ideas”

Nahlah Ayed

Nahlah Ayed, a veteran foreign correspondent, is the new Host of CBC Radio One “Ideas”. And in that role, interviewed Prof. Bartha Knoppers, 2019 Friesen Prizewinner. FCIHR and the Friesen Prize Program are honoured to welcome Nahlah Ayed in this role. She adds distinction to the Prize.

Listen to Nahlah Ayed’s Interview with
Prof. Bartha Knoppers on CBC Radio One “Ideas”.

Paul Kennedy, Host of CBC Radio One “Ideas”  - Interviewer of Friesen Prize Laureates


Bernie Lucht, Executive Producer, and Paul Kennedy, Host of CBC Radio One’s Ideas, are acknowledged for their contributions in the dissemination of the Friesen Lectures on radio and the preparation and sale of the interviews in CD format.

We note with appreciation Bernie Lucht’s retirement from CBC Radio One “Ideas” and his past role in guiding the production of on-air programs featuring The Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research Laureates and their national exposure through broadcasts on “Ideas”.

After more than a decade as MC of the Friesen Lectures and interviewer of Friesen Prizewinners, Mr. Paul Kennedy retired in 2019 from CBC Radio One “Ideas”. His unmistakeable authoritative voice and wide perspective of social issues will no longer be a feature of the annual Friesen Prize Lecture. FCIHR and the Friesen Prize Program are grateful for his dedication and commitment to our common cause of engaging society with a deeper understanding of science excellence.


On tien à remercier Bernie Lucht, chef de production, et Paul Kennedy, animateur de l’émission Ideas, de CBC Radio One, pour leur apport à la diffusion des conférences Friesen à la radio ainsi que pour la préparation et la vente du CD contenant les entrevues.

Edited by Bernie Lucht, Executive Producer, CBC Radio One “Ideas”

Featuring “RESEARCH WITHOUT WALLS” – An Interview with inaugural Friesen Prizewinner, Dr. Joseph B. Martin, past Dean of Harvard Medical School