2019 Friesen Prize Program

September 17-19, 2019 – Ottawa

Professor Bartha Knoppers, 2019 Henry G. Friesen International Prizewinner, will deliver the 2019 Friesen Lecture at the University of Ottawa on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at 11:30 am at the University of Ottawa (Rm: TBA). The title and description are as follows:

Friesen Lecture 2019: Bartha Maria Knoppers

(From IVF to AI)

This Friesen Lecture intends to address the issue of the prohibition reflex that responds to queries about the ethico-legal impact of scientific breakthroughs by answering: “There should be a law against ‘it’!”. Drawing on four decades of my involvement in emerging technologies and policymaking, I will try to decipher the lessons learned especially here in Canada. The stage however, is necessarily international. I have divided this retrospective-prospective journey by decades beginning in 1978 and chosen the emblematic, iconic events of: I) Louise Brown (the first “test-tube baby”); II) Dolly (the cloned sheep); III) the human sequence “Map”; and, IV) the recent “CRISPR babies” in China and will conclude briefly with Big Data. Together, these breakthroughs will elucidate past, current, and future policy trajectories.

Click here for Brief Bio of Prof. Bartha Knoppers, 2019 Friesen Prizewinner.