The annual awarding of The Henry G. Friesen International Prize in Health Research is overseen by The Friesen Prize Advisory Committee. The Committee issues the annual call for nominations, receives and evaluates submissions, and selects the Honouree.

Originally, the Advisory Committee was comprised of seven members: three appointed from the Board of Directors of each of the presenting organizations: Friends of CIHR and CAHS, and a unanimously selected Chair. In 2006, the inaugural year of the Prize, the Presidents of the two organizations co-chaired the Committee. Subsequently, the Advisory Committee was comprised of members selected by FCIHR and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Selection of the urban centre and venue for the annual Public Forum and Award presentation is also the responsibility of the Committee. Committee members are instrumental in securing host institutions for regional visits across Canada and in addition to long-term planning for the future of The Prize, are also engaged in fundraising efforts and the establishment of partnerships and sponsorship arrangements.

Accountability to the Board of FCIHR occurs annually.