Excerpts from the Video History of Medicine in Canada

Lou Siminovitch

Interviewer: Stephen Strauss

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Dr. Lou Siminovitch

April 9, 2021

Dear Friends of CIHR,

We mourn the passing of Dr. Lou Siminovitch (1920-2021), an icon in Canadian Biomedicine. His contributions to Basic Medical Sciences are panoramic, as was his impact on institution-building, primarily in Toronto-based teaching hospitals in the University of Toronto.

He was a most helpful advisor to me and my predecessors, as a Board member of the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) when I was Director and latterly, on my return to Toronto in 2005, in guiding the development of Friends of CIHR. I vividly remember our gossipy lunches at La Bodega Restaurant on Baldwin St.

In 2010, FCIHR produced an in-depth Video History Interview of Lou to record an in-person accounting of his life story. Video clips can be seen on our FCIHR web site: http://www.fcihr.ca/video-history-of-canadian-medicine/video-history-of-medicine-in-canada-4/
I acknowledge Mr. Stephen Strauss, who interviewed Lou in 3 sittings over 4 hours.

Lou also published his autobiography in 2003: “Reflections on a Life in Science”. A good read with personal insights on his rise in Science and his enablers.

Here is the link to the Globe & Mail Obituary (April 9, 2021):

As well, kindly scroll down for the Globe & Mail article by Dr. John Dirks (April 7, 2021):

Dr. Aubie Angel
President, FCIHR