2022 Ottawa Leaders’ Breakfast & Roundtable

Friends of CIHR 2022 Ottawa Leaders’ Breakfast & Roundtable:
“Why are Cracks Emerging in Canada’s Health Care System and How Can They Be Repaired?”

The Ottawa Leaders’ Breakfast & Roundtable took place on Wednesday, September 7, 2022 in honour of Dr. Lorne Tyrrell, 2022 Henry G. Friesen International Prizewinner. The program was developed collaboratively with the CHEO Research Institute (Dr. Jason Berman) and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Dr. Duncan Stewart). Dr. Jason Berman (CEO & Scientific Director, CHEO Research Institute) chaired the event and gave the land acknowledgement. Following introductory remarks, he introduced Dr. Michael Strong (President, CIHR), who introduced Dr. Lorne Tyrrell.

Participants in the Roundtable included:
Dr. Kathleen Pajer
Medical Lead, CHEO Precision Child Mental Health Initiative
Child and Youth Mental Health Care

Dr. Sarah Funnell
Founding Director of the Centre for Indigenous Health Research and Education, University of Ottawa

Dr. Erna Snelgrove-Clarke
Vice-Dean (Health Sciences) & Director, School of Nursing, Queen’s University