Video History of Medicine in Canada

May 19, 2021 – A 2021 Summer Studentship featuring the creation of video clips of iconic Canadian scientists and educators is available.

To review existing Video History documentation of senior iconic Canadian medical scientists and educators to determine appropriate material for video clips of potential interest to Canadians of all ages. To identify appropriate 3 to 4 minute video clips and prepare this material for YouTube content. To prepare appropriate introductory text and final credits. Experience in video editing and video preparation and computer programs relevant to the job are an important consideration. Ability to prepare brief descriptive comments will require communication skills. Applicants should respond to these requirements in their submitted material. The Video History recordings are presently on hard drives and CDs. Access to computer and printer at home are essential. In view of the COVID-19 Lockdown, the bulk of the work will be remote. Frequent discussions with the Principal Investigator and weekly reports are expected. Past experience should be well described to confirm competence in this undertaking. Please submit your Application to:

Friends of Canadian Institutes of Health Research is creating a fascinating series of in-depth interviews to showcase Canada’s most accomplished biomedical health researchers and iconic leaders. These engaging interviews give students, historians, journalists and the wider community an unparalleled window into the world of health research development in Canada and into the lives of those who make a difference.

Noted Medical Historian and University of Toronto History Professor Emeritus Michael Bliss has been the main interviewer to date. Journalists Stephen Strauss (Toronto) and Bernard Derome (Montreal) have also conducted interviews.

MaRS Discovery District in Toronto has been our main filming location.

With the generous funding of private individuals and institutions, we have been able to create the following video biographies:

Dr. Charles Hollenberg

Dr. Robert Salter

Dr. Henry Friesen

Dr. Lou Siminovitch (Video Clips)

Dr. John Evans (Video Clips)

Dr. Jacques Genest (Video Clips)

Dr. Cal Stiller (Video Clips)

Dr. Fraser Mustard (Video Clips)

Dr. James Till (Video Clips)

Dr. Brenda Milner

Dr. Charles Scriver

Dr. Phil Gold

Dr. Arnold Naimark

Dr. Allan Ronald

We are working to make this a national project with outstanding men and women from across the country. If you would like to make a donation, contact us: (416) 506-1597 or Email: