What is “Massey Grand Rounds”?

Massey Grand Rounds (MGR) was founded in 2006 to nourish members of the Massey College community with insights from medical and scientific leaders. Massey Grand Rounds convenes monthly during the academic term and serves as a discussion forum for topics related to medicine, the health sciences, and issues of interest to students. The group is guided by mentor Dr. Aubie Angel, CM, Senior Fellow, Massey College.

A major Symposium is organized every spring and hosts “The Janet Rossant Lectureship”. Junior Fellows have a major role in organizing all aspects of MGR.

2012 LEAD Dinner - Dr. Aubie Angel & Master John Fraser

2012 LEAD Dinner – Dr. Aubie Angel, Senior Fellow & Mentor of Massey Grand Rounds, and Master John Fraser, Massey College.